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For the first time in North America, one of China’s most prolific performers and choreographers, Yang Liping, well-known in China as the Peacock Princess, presents her incredible new work, Rite of Spring.

MacMillan Theatre

June 20 - 22

Created for 15 dancers, the Rite of Spring is set to the Igor Stravinsky score of the same name with additional original compositions inspired by traditional Tibetan music. Yang’s choreography breathes new life into Stravinsky’s epic masterwork, using ancient Tibetan and Chinese symbols and rituals to illustrate themes of incantation, sacrifice and reincarnation.

Celebrated for her distinct choreographic style, Yang’s work has been lauded and praised internationally. Her most recent work, Under Siege, received widespread critical acclaim when it toured internationally in 2016/17.

Rite of Spring not only marks the North American premiere of the work but also the first time Yang’s work has been presented in Canada.